Sunday, November 9, 2014

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Alien Invader Color process

In order to provide a sense of how a piece changes as it's colored, I've tried to use the B&W art, flats, base color layer, a soft light layer and then two screen layers to create an animated gif. Cross your fingers. Hopefully this will work.

If it goes by too quickly you can always hit refresh.

Here are the stills so you can see the colors better.

Friday, October 24, 2014

the Abraham Lincoln Project

A few weeks my cousin Amy asked if I could put together an Abraham Lincoln portrait for her 9 year old son Nathan's birthday. Of course the answer was yes. But then the realization hit that that very next Saturday was Fallcon and I'd have access to many of my artist friends, and so the idea began to percolate... Why not ask my friends and colleagues to contribute sketches of Abe as well?
And so I did.
And so did they.
And here are the results...

We can start with my own inked, finished, and printed versions.

And then proceed in no particular order...

Anthony Peruzzo

Brent Schoonover

Christopher Jones

Eric Schuster

Jack Kotz

Jeff Peterson

Ryan Kelly

Sean Lynch

Dave Wheeler

Jeff Kulisek who threw in a Chester A Arthur for good measure.

And Kelly Brown who's image was gone from fb messenger before the writing of this blog. I assure you all it was quite amazing.

Gigantic thanks to all of these generous, talented and oh so kindly gentleman for lending their time and talents to this awesome, but somewhat silly, venture. I'm told Nathan was blown away by them, which is a bit ironic given the subject matter.

Thanks again and HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATHAN!!!